Goodwill Supports Central Texas Fathers

Are you a father or father figure in Central Texas looking to build healthy relationships with your children, make dramatic strides in career advancement, and become a more effective parent? Joining the Fatherhood Works program is the first step to an incredible new life for you and your children.

From its specialized career training to its supportive parenting classes, Fatherhood Works can transform your life and the lives of your loved ones. These services are designed to help you build a sustainable career that will support you and your family for years to come. Not only that, but Fatherhood Works connects you to parenting classes to help you build stronger relationships with your children and financial literacy resources to put you and your family on the path to a bright future.

In the video below, you hear from and Fatherhood Works participant Ray Martinez. He recommends the program to those who want to improve their family relationships. “I think it’s for anybody that wants to try and better their lives and their family,” he says.

Fatherhood instructor Aaron Oeser explains how parenting classes impact the fathers who participate in the program. “Through the fatherhood classes, our fathers learn how to become the parent that they choose to be,” he says. “We’ve all been impacted by how we were parented, but this is an opportunity for them to learn new skills and learn the value of being a father.”

Fill out a Fatherhood Works intake form to get started.

What services does Fatherhood Works provide?

Fatherhood Works offers an expansive set of services intended to support every facet of a father’s life, including:

  • Career training services through the Goodwill Career & Technical Academy (GCTA), which will put you on the path to a new career
  • Dedicated case management to help you navigate each step
  • Parenting classes that help build healthy relationships
  • Financial literacy coaching that will enable to you keep track of your financial health over time
  • Financial support resources, such as rent, food, and travel assistance, for added support, if you need it

Who can participate in Fatherhood Works?

This is an inclusive program that serves fathers and father figures across Central Texas who meet the following criteria:

  • Are age 18+ and have a child younger than age 24
  • Reside in Williamson, Hays, Travis, or Bastrop counties
  • Meet income restrictions

Do I have to live with the child or have custody?

Any father or father figure to a child in Central Texas—regardless of custody status, familial relationship, gender, or residency—can participate.

How do I get more information about participating in Fatherhood Works?

When you visit the Fatherhood Works page, you will find a contact form that you must complete. Your contact information will be sent to the Fatherhood Works intake team, who will reach out via the phone number or email you provided with more information about the program and will determine if you qualify.

What happens if I qualify to participate in Fatherhood Works?

If you meet the criteria to participate in the program, we will connect you to a Career Case Manager through our Workforce Advancement team. This is the case manager who will support you throughout your time with Fatherhood Works.

How will my Career Case Manager support my goals as a father?

Your Career Case Manager will help you build an individualized career plan, which will determine the other services for which you may qualify. Those additional services include career training certifications through the Goodwill Career & Technical Academy as well as internship opportunities.

If this sounds like a great opportunity for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Fatherhood Words intake team today and get started down the path to career and relationship success!

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