Group Costumes Are On-Trend for Halloween This Year!

Goodwill is your Halloween Headquarters, and that means we have everything you need for a fun and unique costume!

Trending for Halloween this year? Costumes for groups are BIG so grab a few of you closest friends or family and pick a gang of characters to outfit. Check out inspiration – The Scooby Gang! We found almost everything we needed at our Goodwill stores to recreate those ‘pesky kids!’ Keep scrolling to see how you and your friends can transform into this mystery solving team… 

Everyone has a favorite (Scooby) but Fred is definitely the leader of the gang – and boy can he rock a scarf!

Like us, you can find nearly every item for this look at Goodwill including jeans starting at $7.99, a blue collared shirt for $7.99, and suede shoes for $9.99 – giving you nearly a full costume (and a lot of options to reuse these items later!) for less than the cost of most full, new costumes!

Daphne more your style? This beauty queen has a knack for getting into trouble, but you don’t need to break the bank to pull off her fashionable get-up. We found these shoes for $7.99, put two dresses together at $24.99 and reused the same fabric on her headband to make the colors match perfectly. Quite the steal for just a little over $30!

The nerdy and loveable Velma is undoubtedly the brains of the operation! She’s usually putting all the clues together to solve the mystery.

Get your Velma on with lens-less  glasses, and add a pleated skirt like the one we found for just $5.99, red shoes (just $9.99) and add a bulky turtleneck sweater! With a few personal items, you can get the whole look for less than $20!

Zoinks! It’s Shaggy! Scooby Doo’s best friend is carefree and cowardly, but you can always count on him to confront his fear and save the day.

This look was less than $20 with his signature big, black shoes coming in at just $9.99, plus brown pants and green tee.

Now you and your friends are ready to get those Scooby Snacks! Scooby-Scooby -Doo!

Remember, as your official Halloween Headquarters, we carry brand new costumes, accessories and make-up, too! Mix and match with off the rack items to make a costume your own Team Costumes this year. Check out the locations link on the website and find your neighborhood Goodwill!