How to Set the Scene for Halloween

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, Halloween is creeping up — and that means it’s the perfect time to start decorating your home. If your #halloweengoals are somewhere between exciting and spooky, think classic items — such as orange pumpkins and black spiders — and mix in contemporary accents like window clings or mood-setting lights, and you’re guaranteed to create a Halloween scene that’s equally welcoming and chilling. Check out our easy decorating ideas below. (Spoiler alert: Most items can be found at your neighborhood Goodwill!)

Idea 1: Halloweenify Your Home

For a frightening, yet fun Halloween vibe, stock up our selection of brand-new décor at Goodwill, including:

  • Plastic spiders ($1.99)
  • Stretchy cobwebs ($1.99)
  • Skeleton figure ($1.99)
  • Window gel clings ($1.99)
  • Skull head ($2.99)
  • Fright tape ($1.99)
  • Yard stake tombstone ($2.99)
  • Lantern ($3.99)

Go a little wild, stretching cobwebs here and there and leaving plastic spiders in unexpected places. If you have kiddos at home, invite them to plaster front windows with Halloween gel clings. To amp up the surprise factor, pose a skeleton figure comfortably on the couch or nestle a skull head in the candy bowl.

You could even hang up a vampire cloak or witch cape in your entryway to create the impression that spooky visitors are staying for a spell! Oftentimes, it’s the smallest touches that make the biggest impact.

Idea 2: Pumpkin Patch, Anyone?

Jack-o’-lanterns are the essential decoration for inside and outside your home. Plus, nothing says fall fun like a visit to your local pumpkin patch. Gather up your boo crew and enjoy exploring the variety of pumpkins, from bumpy to smooth, squat to elongated. Not down for the drive? Chances are your nearby supermarket is brimming with a choice selection, too.

Now onto the decorating! If you choose to carve your pumpkins, Goodwill has carving kits and tealights for just $1.99 each!

You can also opt to paint them with acrylic paint — they’ll last much longer than their carved cousins. Experiment by adding on adhesive googly eyes, gems, and glitter to make them that much more extra.

Idea 3: Glassware at Goodwill or Around the House

Thrifted glassware or repurposed jars/bottles open up endless decorating options that are super easy and fun. Some ideas:

  • Fill apothecary jars with candy corn and other sweets for a tempting display.
  • Remove the label from a tall bottle and paint on silly, spooky faces or whimsical designs. Add a glowing touch by placing a string of battery-operated fairy lights inside the bottle.
  • Insert a taper candle into a bottle and let the wax drip down the sides. Be sure to wiggle the candle securely into place before lighting.

Idea 4: Frame It Just Right

Goodwill has an abundance of framed art…search for vintage Halloween art online, print out your favorites, and place them inside a frame from Goodwill. That’s creative upcycling on a budget! We love this cluster of creativity.

Got some tips to share? Leave a comment below and have fun haunting up your home!