It’s National Thrift Shop Day!

Attention, all bargain shoppers and vintage lovers! Did you know that today is National Thrift Shop Day? Get your shopping carts ready for an entire day dedicated to celebrating the art of thrifting. Pop into any Goodwill and find one-of-a-kind items.

Why People Are Choosing Thrift Over Fast Fashion

Save money. For just a few dollars, you can walk into a Goodwill store and walk out with a gift to treasure forever! During these economically difficult times, every dollar counts. Goodwill savings add up quickly.

Be more sustainable. Did you know that the average American throws away 81 pounds of clothes a year? Favorites like jeans and T-shirts take roughly 800 gallons of water to make just one! Help stop the cycle — thrifting helps keep clothing from going to the landfill.

Find one-of-a-kind items. Want to stand out and look unique? Are you seeking distinctive or vintage items that can’t be found at traditional retail outlets? Enjoy the thrill of finding treasures and the bragging rights that come with it! Beyond saving money, thrifting gives you the sense of discovery and fun that comes from finding a unique or hidden treasure you would never dream of.

Thrifty Tips to Maximize Your National Thrift Shop Day

Have a thrift list. Just like grocery shopping can be an overwhelming experience without the right preparation, a thrift list is a great way to stay on track and ahead of the curve while browsing the latest secondhand apparel.

Check the tag. A great way to test an item’s long-term reliability is to examine its tag to see if it is from a reputable designer as well as how long it has stood up against the test of time.

Donate. What better way to clear clutter from your closet and make room for new discoveries than donating your used items to your local Goodwill when you thrift?

Think outside the box. This is the golden rule. If an item speaks to you in the moment, go for it — it might only be available that day, so thrift like no one is watching!

Have fun. Above all else, always enjoy yourself while you thrift. After all, thrifting is all about the thrill of the experience. Celebrate thrifting all year round with Goodwill!