New Toys at Goodwill Prices

You know that Goodwill has a great selection of gently used toys for the holidays that look great under the tree, but, did you also know that Goodwill has a great selection of brand new toys? And, the best thing is you’ll still find them at our great Goodwill prices!

Take a look at what we found on a recent trip to our neighborhood Goodwill store: 

For the littlest gift-lovers, you can find play sets from the Netflix children’s series Beat Bugs and soft, plush Nici WonderLand dolls for a constant, comfy companion.

Mega-Bloks, starting at $7.49 are hours of fun, and educational too!

Some very cool action figures, including characters from the DC Comics Multiverse and WWE starting at just $9.99 – ready for hours of imaginative play time, and the DC Action Figures talk!

And, what would the holidays be without some really cool cars from Hot Wheels. These are the new Ai racers that use artificial intelligence to talk to the race track.

How about some Monster High action figures? These are from the Great Scarier Reef collection…and they glow in the dark!

And, we didn’t forget about Mom, Dad and those older kids. Hours of fun playing cards, dominoes and chess. These are just the beginning, check your favorite Goodwill for even more. Game night anyone?

So, check out your neighborhood Goodwill. Chances are you will find just the right gift at just the right prices. Happy Holidays from all of us at Goodwill Central Texas!

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