#Shelfies: Wall Art that Wows!

Everyone knows about sharing a selfie. But have you heard about sharing a #shelfie?

A shelfie is a pictorial representation of what is on your shelves. This could include books, knickknacks, photos, plants, an artistic arrangement, or anything else that reflects your taste – as long as it’s on a shelf or wall display.

Keep reading to learn how to get the perfect shelfie. Along the way, we’ll also explore some of the amazing wall art you can find at Goodwill Central Texas.

Photo Credit: Arm Party Central

Choose your medium(s)

What we display on our shelves tells other people a lot about us. We like to read (books), we love our family (photos), we’ve taken tons of trips and hit every gift shop that existed (more photos plus trinkets and collectibles!).

Photo Credit: Kate La Vie

In fact, there’s a certain strange and wonderful wisdom about book shelfies that CNN writer David G. Allan discusses in his column, The Wisdom Project. He expounds on their use in teaching, exercise, therapy, and getting to know the human being inside the person with a book #shelfie. Don’t have the titles you want to show off in your #shelfie? Visit ShopGoodwill and load up with literary bargains galore.

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You can even create art within your shelves, like this inventive book collector.

Photo Credit: Sweet Book Obsession

Get the perfect shot to make your shelfie pop

Fans of shelfies started posting heavily on Instagram several years ago, quickly coining the #shelfie hashtag. The San Antonio Express News shows some beautifully shot, artful shelfies, and offers up some great tips on how to make your #shelfie shine.

Photo Credit: Decordots via Urban Jungle Bloggers

Take a #selfie with your #shelfie, and share it with @AustinGoodwill on Instagram!

Display wall décor like never before!

Do you look at your walls and think, “meh”? Think of your walls as giant art canvases, and get creative.

Design Star All Stars contestant Kellie folded book pages halfway in contrasting directions, and attached the books to the wall using screws.
Photo Credit: HGTV

Not allowed to paint the walls in your apartment? Cover them with art. We found some great, inexpensive techniques gathered by Farima Alavi at HGTV to really dress things up. Our favorite is the Book Page Art. Other ideas include framed maps, basket art, and gallery walls of vintage porcelain. Fun! The best part – you can find everything you need at your local Goodwill.

“Fabulous Fishes” platter wall art, by Angela LaVista. We agree!
Photo Credit: Houzz.com

One of our favorite wall art installations has to be this adorable collection of cups and saucers on display behind the coffee counter at local Austin restaurant, MezzeMe. What a clever way to reuse and recycle all those cute cups you just can’t resist!

Photo Credit: MezzeMe

A blank wall can be transformed into a focal point or an accent wall with ease. Check out tons of great ideas on Wall Decorating Photos by Houzz.com. We personally love the above-pictured fish platters as wall art. Visit Goodwill to find something just as fun.

These thrifted frames were spruced up with black paint and then distressed with sandpaper to match the look of the vintage botanical prints they display.
Photo credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Almost anything can go in a shelf display

Still not quite sure what you want to put on your walls? We also found a great resource from Better Homes and Gardens with how-to videos to create fabric wall art, beautiful art from old jewelry, and more. Abstract House also has some great tips for creating and taking the perfect shelfie.

And you know where to find yards of fabric, picture frames, and baskets of jewelry: Goodwill. You can even buy it by the pound at our Goodwill Outlet Stores.

Now that you have your shelves ready for their #shelfie debut, and your walls are wow-worthy, share your transformations with us and tag @AustinGoodwill!

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