So, What to Do This Easter? Here Are 10 Ideas

Easter Sunday (April 4) is quickly approaching, so we thought we’d gather up some simple ideas for making it a fun-filled holiday. For inspiration, we hopped on over to our nearest Goodwill and found lots of sweet décor and baskets for egg hunts. Some ideas below are conventional classics, some are unexpected, but ALL of them are super easy and affordable. (Goodwill has so much in store, but we know you have somewhere else in mind for getting the brunch basics, eggs, and chocolate bunnies!)

10 Ideas for an Egg-cellent Easter

Keep reading to discover our Easter activity ideas for your holiday festivities. As always, we’d love to see your Goodwill finds. Share them on Instagram @austingoodwill.

Idea 1: Have an egg & spoon race

Giggles are guaranteed during this classic game! To play, give each participant a spoon and an egg (hardboiled or plastic). The goal is to carry the egg on the spoon from the starting line to a designated turnaround point and race back without dropping the egg. The first person to cross the finish line wins! If you’re in need of a spoon for the race, we have plenty of utensils ranging from 29¢ – $3.99.

Idea 2: Read Easter/Spring books with the kiddos

We found these spring-themed children’s books in store (99¢ ea.) and they’re perfect for this time of year. If it’s nice out, take the reading party outside and grab seats on your favorite lounger or bench.

Idea 3: Enjoy an al fresco brunch

Everyone knows brunch is an Easter must. After all, it’s a tempting mix of breakfast and lunch — ham, hot cross buns, quiche, fruit salad, deviled eggs, whatever you wish! Bust out a tablecloth for your patio table or toss down a picnic blanket and let the good eats (and treats!) begin!

Idea 4: Jellybean guessing game

Fill up a jar with jellybeans and what do you get? A guessing game that’s a challenge for everyone! Make up a silly prize for the winner — it could be anything, from a night off dish duty to first dibs on the TV remote. If you don’t have a jar handy, check out our selection of vases that would work just fine — some start at $5.99.

Idea 5: Decorate your own Easter tree

Who says Christmas is the only time for decorating a tree? You can liven up a tree in your yard that hasn’t budded with leaves yet by adorning it with plastic Easter eggs. Or clip some branches like in this photo and place them in a vase. To decorate, start by poking a small hole in the end of one half of each egg and thread a string through. Tie a knot at one end of the string, put the two egg halves back together, and hang from a branch. Repeat!

Idea 6: Surprise someone with an Easter basket

“A-tisket, a-tasket, A green and yellow basket…”

This popular nursery rhyme really sums up the excitement of getting an Easter basket. Surprise someone special with a basket full of goodies. You can even put little notes inside plastic eggs instead of candy. We found a treasure trove of baskets at our Goodwill — so many different styles and sizes starting at $1.99 each. This yellow wire basket was just $2.99.

Idea 7: Color and dye eggs

There are “dozens” of ways to do this activity, but the first step remains the same: boil eggs for about 10 minutes and let them cool under running cold water. Dry off the eggs, dig out the crayons, and set up bowls with dissolved dye in each. Draw designs on eggs and carefully dip them into the bowl of your choice. Let dry. If you’re a fan of hard-boiled eggs, this is a great Easter morning protein boost!

Idea 8: Plant spring flowers

Spring has definitely sprung in Central Texas, so it’s a good thing that Goodwill has many new planters in stock, like this catchy one for just $3.99.

Don’t consider yourself the green thumb type? We also have artificial plants, like this elephant succulent for $3.99 and other small succulents for $2.99 each.

Idea 9: Make chocolate fondue

Here’s a yummy way to use up any leftover chocolate bunnies in your cupboard — make fondue! Simply melt chocolate over low heat in a saucepan and transfer to a serving dish. There are no limits to what you can dip, but we highly recommend marshmallows or strawberries!

Idea 10: Create Easter egg maracas

Look what we found at our Goodwill — a bunch of plastic eggs in a zipped bag ($12.99) and a bunny in a basket. If you find yourself with a surplus of plastic eggs and have an aspiring rock star at home, you might want to give them a new instrument for belting out their jams — Easter egg maracas! Fill up the plastic eggs with dried beans, popcorn kernels — basically anything that will make a noise when shaken. Little ones will have a blast shaking them to their favorite beats.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Easter holiday!