Spring Outside for Fun

We’re thawing out from the winter season, and the sunshine feels so good! With Spring Break on the horizon, it’s a great time to start thinking about how to turn up the fun, even if you’re planning on staying close to home. Check out all the ‘springy’ finds we discovered in store and don’t be shy about sharing yours @austingoodwill.

Get Your Garden in Gear

Planting is way more fun when everyone pitches in — even the youngest of green thumbs can help make your garden grow! If your outdoor space is modest in size, you can still deck it out with patio accents, flowers, and herbs and expand it. We have pots and planters in all sorts of sizes starting at $1.99, so you can plant as many new blooms as you choose!

For a little added personality, pick up these cute garden stakes that’ll support newbies as they grow. And dig this — we have oodles of gardening tools starting at $2.99 and watering cans starting at $6.99.

One more bright idea: try adding some solar-powered garden lights ($12.99) along a pathway or in a flowerbed. Or perhaps some patio lanterns for a more rustic look. It’s an instant mood-maker that’s good to glow!

Play the Day Away

Spring not only means warmer temps — it signals our seasonal favorites, like fun in the sun with outdoor sports, activities, and most of all, adventure! Even if your Spring Break plans don’t involve travel this year, there are lots of ways to relax and recharge — just head to your backyard or neighborhood park and pack a picnic for your crew. We found this nifty basket for $5.99 in our nearby store that would do the job nicely.

Sports enthusiasts, take note — we scored a ton of equipment in store — baseball mitts ($3.99), tennis rackets ($2.99), even golf clubs!

For the kiddos, check out our selection of Razor scooters ($5.99), water guns, and roller skates (new $19.99, used $9.99).

And as you know, all this fun in the sun can lead to the sunburn blues, so you might want to bring along a sunhat ($5.99) to keep the rays at bay.

Not really in the mood for planting or playing? That’s ok, too — there’s a hammock somewhere calling your name. Happy Spring Break, everybody!