The Goodwill Excel Center at Lockhart Offers Hope for the Future

It’s a new school year at The Goodwill Excel Center (GEC) at Lockhart, and while the high school curriculum and even classrooms may be traditional, the location is not. The Goodwill Excel Center in Lockhart is located at the Lockhart Women’s Correctional Facility, offering an opportunity and ultimately hope for the women who enroll in classes to earn their high school diploma.

A Second Chance at a High School Diploma

Savanah, a current student, is excited about this second chance at a high school education. “I really want my high school diploma,” said Savanah. “It will benefit me and it seemed like it was a great program. I love it! I’m so glad I joined.”

Savanah is also pleased for the chance to earn a high school diploma rather than a GED.  According to the Department of Labor*, people with a high school diploma earn an average $1600 more per month vs people with a GED.

Understanding the Value of Education

Devry said she didn’t value education when she was younger, but she understands the importance now and is happy for a second chance. “I joined…because I heard good things about it [GEC] and it’s exciting to know that I have a second chance at completing something that’s very important, which is education,” said Devry. “I hope to be able to obtain my high school diploma and learn things that I didn’t the first time around.” Devry is now excited about her future and knows that with an education she will be able to do things that she could never do before. That makes is far more likely that she will succeed upon release.

The Lockhart Women’s Correctional Facility is often the last stop for someone who is about to be released, which makes The Goodwill Excel Center even more important. By completing their education, one more obstacle to post-secondary education and employment is removed upon release, increasing chances for a sustainable career while reducing recidivism.

The success of The Goodwill Excel Center at Lockhart is now being extended to two more correctional facilities in Texas: the Billy Moore Correctional Center and Bradshaw State Jail. We’re looking forward to seeing the amazing outcomes from these two campuses next year!

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