Three Easy Costume Ideas for a Happy Halloween

Halloween is *SO* on and Goodwill is the perfect place for Halloween costumes. The originality factor that’s available at your fingertips is off the charts at Goodwill!

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost!

Have an itch for something retro? Right now, my boys are in a big Ghostbusters phase, and I’m SO here for it. I may or may not even have an adult-sized Mr. Stay Puft Man costume on hand to surprise them with. But this costume is great because all you need is a khaki jacket or shirt, and a NO GHOSTS patch, sticker, or cutout with some tape, and—VOILA!—you’re suddenly Dr. Peter Venkman, getting slimed in the basement of the New York Public Library by an adorable ghost. Honestly, I’d wear this year-round.

Photo credit: @Storm.Keeper

Notorious Dissent

The same goes with this next one, which pays tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It’s an easy costume to put together, and so recognizable. Just a black dress or robe, some lace, a pair of glasses, and maybe even a bejeweled crown to top it off. It’s a way to say, “I DISSENT!” and pay homage to a historic figure. Maybe not spooky, but definitely iconic.

Photo credit: @iusedtobeacurtain

Kitten Cuteness

Don’t forget kitty! Our feline familiars deserve to get in on the costume fun with us too. There are a TON of cute costume ideas out there that you can put together yourself. A few pieces of felt and a strip of elastic can go a long way. I can’t promise you that your furry friend will allow it to stay on long, but I can promise it’ll be worth it for a funny photo. Who wouldn’t want to dress up their cat in a petal tutu?

Photo credit: @astridsanti

Everything You Need for Less Than You Expect

I love Fall and the escapism it provides. The crunchy leaves, the cooler weather, the opportunity to dress up as whatever makes my heart happy. And Goodwill not only makes my heart happy, it makes our communities happy, by providing job training to our neighbors in need and an outlet for our creative souls. By shopping for your costumes at Goodwill, you’re helping reduce the amount of goods entering the waste stream.

Now, that feels good any time of year. Find a Goodwill near you to put together your last-minute costumes today!

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