Tips for Shopping Goodwill Outlet Stores

If you’ve ever shopped in our Outlet Store (once known as the “Blue Hangar”), you know it’s a one-of-a-kind experience. Our professional Outlet shoppers know to expect the unexpected!

Now that Goodwill has opened a second Outlet location in north Austin at 2500 Scarbrough Dr., Suite 200, you’ll have even more options to hunt for treasures!

Get the most out of your experience at the Outlet Stores

For our first-time Outlet Store shoppers, we’re offering a quick tutorial on what to expect and how to prepare for this truly unique shopping experience. With these great tips, you can shop the Outlets like a pro!

First, you need to know how the merchandise is displayed in the store. It is not on shelves (except for a few token items). The merchandise is rolled out onto the floor on large blue table bins. These bins are replaced with new table bins of goods every 30 minutes. So be ready for the rush each time the new bins are brought into the retail area!

You have to wait in line with everyone else while the bins are being replaced. Once store personnel give the go ahead, you can start searching for your treasures.

Find unique and valuable items

Previous shoppers have discovered paintings worth hundreds of dollars, lots of brand name clothing, and unique jewelry of all kinds. You never know what treasure you’ll discover from of one of our bins at the Outlet stores!

Happy hunting…we mean shopping!