Photography and Videotaping/Filming Policy

    1. It is the policy of Goodwill Central Texas that all photography and videotaping/filming at any Goodwill Central Texas location (retail stores, Outlet, Attended Donation Centers, The Goodwill Excel Center, the Goodwill Career and Technical Academy, administration, warehouse, etc.) requires advance permission for, and in most cases, limits or does not allow, photography and videotaping/filming of Goodwill Central Texas buildings, facilities, and property, with the exception of still photography and video work produced by or on behalf of Goodwill Central Texas.
    2. Any individual or organization who would like to engage in photography or videotaping/filming on Goodwill Central Texas property for personal, broadcast, or distribution of any type requires advance permission. All requests should be submitted to Valerie Swift, Vice President, Marketing and Communications (
    3. Generally, photography or videotaping/filming executed by Goodwill Central Texas is intended for: commercial purposes, public affairs, and education and will be permitted, subject to any relevant logistical and security parameters.
    4. Any individual or organization that engages in photography or videotaping/filming on Goodwill Central Texas property may be asked to exit the facility or property at the discretion of the acting manager/authority or security.