Meet Bryce

Goodwill Program Participant

“I will not let my disability stop me. Goodwill doesn’t look at our disability. Goodwill looks at us.”

Bryce came to Goodwill seeking independence. Living on the autism spectrum created unique challenges for him throughout his life and as his mother said, “Bryce is a very shy person and he has a hard time talking to others.” Now, as a sophomore in high school, he realized that graduation was just around the corner. Not too far into the future, he hoped to be able to live on his own and remain in Texas, as his family is intending to move away. When his mother suggested he connect with Goodwill to see what services might be available for someone with a disability, Bryce decided he wanted to try something new.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic had already reached Central Texas, Bryce was able to join the Goodwill Summer Youth Employment Program and participate in a virtual internship for five weeks. Navigating online workshops and even working online was a challenge but Bryce, “embraced the task with openness and a can-do spirit,” said his Career Case Manager. Bryce notes that the career advancement training, especially the soft skills instruction, were extremely helpful. “They taught us how to dress and what to say and not say during an interview,” said Bryce.