Meet Charles Jackson

Store Manager, Goodwill

“I can raise my family well, and save for my retirement. Goodwill handed me my future.”

“I can raise my family well, and save for my retirement. Goodwill handed me my future.”
-Charles Jackson, Store Manager, Goodwill

Charles loves his family – he and his devoted wife raise twelve healthy, happy children under their roof – three biological children, five stepchildren, and four adoptive children. But this idyllic family situation almost never became reality.

Years ago, Charles made the mistake of getting involved in illegal drug activity. It cost him – he spent 26 months in federal prison. When he was released, Charles had minimal opportunities. Every job application was turned down.

In 2002, he got his break when Goodwill Central Texas hired him as Production Supervisor. Charles took every training available, learned as much as he could, and rapidly rose within the organization – from Clerk to Assistant Store Manager in a year, and a year later to Store Manager. Charles has now managed five Goodwill retail stores.

In 2014, Charles became the manager of the Pflugerville store, and just like the other stores under his management, he’s taken it to a new level. The store is currently exceeding last year’s numbers by forty percent. But Charles doesn’t stop there. He raises the bar for every one of his employees, making sure they understand the importance of the Goodwill mission, making sure that they all are treated with respect, and making sure they’re all given the chance to earn a better future for themselves.

“Goodwill didn’t just give me a job. They gave me the opportunity to believe in myself, and move my life in the right direction,” says Charles. “I just needed the chance.”