Meet Albert

Goodwill Program Participant

I accomplished everything I set my mind to.

After his grandmother passed away, Albert spent much of his childhood in and out of foster care and various family members’ homes. The lack of stability and his need for daily survival led him to illegal activity and ultimately, homelessness. School wasn’t a priority for Albert, and he was eventually charged with truancy. In order to finish his education, his probation officer referred him to Goodwill to complete his GED.

At first, Albert put very little energy into the program because he expected to be met with judgment, so similar to his life story. But, with the persistence and focus of his Case Manager, Rachel Bristow, he soon found an unconditional support system. He wanted to become an Electrician and worked with Rachel to develop an action plan.

Albert never wavered in his effort to attain his GED, even though at one point, he had no other options other than to sleep on a park bench. Upon completion of the GED program, Albert continued to work with Rachel on developing his job skills while also working part-time at a Goodwill Store. He even started applying for classes at ACC. Soon after, Albert was excited to receive an offer to work at Samsung. After ninety days, the leadership at Samsung was so impressed with Albert’s attitude and work ethic that he was offered apprenticeship status and the opportunity to study under a Master Electrician.

Albert is not only to advancing his future, but the future of others as well. In May 2014, he traveled to Washington D.C. to represent Goodwill at Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill, meeting with dozens of lawmakers to advocate for federal investments in programs that benefit people served by Goodwill.

Albert credits Goodwill with providing him the tools that he needed for success including the skills, encouragement and self-determination that made his future possible.

“I accomplished everything I set my mind to.”

Update on Albert & His Electrifying Career

You may remember reading about Albert here on our website. We’re excited to share an update on his story!

After his grandmother, who adopted him, passed away, Albert spent much of his childhood bouncing between family members and going in and out of foster care. This lack of stability meant school wasn’t a priority; he got into trouble and was eventually arrested.

These days, Albert is working full time in the Facilities Electrical Department at Samsung and going to college full time to get his Journeyman’s License, studying under a Master Electrician. How did he do it?

It began with a referral to Goodwill to finish his education. He struggled for a few months in the GED program. With continuing family issues, he ended up living in a city park, where he had an epiphany. He needed to change his life. He knew he wanted to become an Electrician, so he and his Career Case Manager, Rachel, developed an action plan for his future career. Working with Rachel, Albert never wavered in his efforts to attain his GED.

Once he’d earned it, they started working on his job skills. For a while, he worked part-time at Goodwill, and applied for classes at Austin Community College. Then his life took the turn he’d always wanted ¬– he was offered an internship at Samsung in their Mechanical Maintenance Department. Leadership at Samsung were impressed with Albert’s work ethic, and hired him permanently!

In May 2014, Albert ventured outside of Texas for the first time when he was selected to share his remarkable story, and represent Goodwill at Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. He met with dozens of lawmakers and even shot a “selfie” with Senator John McCain.

Three years later, Albert received the advancement he had been anxiously awaiting: an apprenticeship studying under a Master Electrician. He’s working to finish his Journeyman’s License and plans to become a Master Electrician. The best part? Samsung is so committed to his success that they are funding his college education!

Albert beams, “Goodwill gave me the tools and the chance I needed. It was up to me to advance myself into what I’ve become, and now I’m on the path for my dream career.”