Meet Billy

Goodwill’s Summer Youth Employment Program Graduate

Billy struggled with a learning disability and many obstacles to work before coming to Goodwill…

“Although I have a disability, I tend to rise because I do not let anything put me down. Never give up on people because you will be surprised on what they can do…”

Billy was not always this optimistic. Thankfully, he was adopted by his supportive foster father that enrolled him into Goodwill’s Summer Youth Employment Program. After receiving valuable job coaching and paid work experience, Billy knows his future looks very bright. He plans to study Computer Maintenance at Austin Community College and trusts that his Goodwill training will help him compete in this high demand field.

It is your generosity and commitment to helping others that empowered Billy to transform his life through work. But there are thousands more young people just like him that want to gain necessary skills to be part of the Central Texas workforce. They need your help—consider an investment in their future.

Please watch Billy’s inspiring story below to see how donating to Goodwill makes a difference.