Meet Edward

Goodwill Program Participant & Marine Veteran

After serving honorably in the United States Marine Corps, Edward struggled to find work after losing his job during a company downsize…

Edward Rodriguez honorably served in the United States Marine Corps during the first Gulf War. After being discharged from service, he found work as a warehouse clerk. But like so many others, he was laid off during a 3,000 person company downsize.

Entering the Goodwill Community Center with one bag of clothing and a pair of borrowed shoes, it was clear that Edward had hit hard times. He was dependent on his friend for food, housing, and transportation. When Edward met Maria Morrow, his case manager, he quickly confided that he missed the sense of independence and pride he felt when he was a Marine.

Motivated and determined to turn his life around, Edward quickly took advantage of the programs Goodwill had to offer and enrolled in job readiness trainings. Additionally, he was able to renew his Electrician Apprentice Certification and immediately found employment with a Master Electrician in Williamson County.

Watch Edward’s story to see how Goodwill was able to help him regain his independence.

Through meaningful employment, Edward has been able to start fresh and feel independent once again.

Maria Morrow, Edward’s case manager, said, “I believe Edward is a success story because of his motivation, humility, and perseverance. It takes determination to take a step in the right direction…Edward is well on his way to achieving his long term goals. And now, he can walk with pride again.”