Meet Jacqelynn

Goodwill Excel Center Graduate

“The Goodwill Excel Center has given me another chance to succeed in life and do better for myself”

Jacqelynn has said The Goodwill Excel Center has “given me another chance to succeed in life and do better for myself.”

Jacqelynn is a recent Class of 2018 graduate of The Goodwill Excel Center (GEC) campus inside the Lockhart Women’s Correctional Facility. When she arrived in Lockhart, she signed up to start classes right away. Said Jacqelynn, “I’m willing to try again.”

Jacqelynn really missed her family during her time at the Facility, she came to lean on her teachers at GEC to help her get through it. “When I’m feeling down or depressed I can talk to them. They make me feel better, they make me strong and won’t let me fail.”

After completing her sentence, Jacqelynn was released in time to walk the stage and receive her diploma at the Goodwill Excel Center graduation ceremony at the Long Center in Austin. Before her release, she was nervous about returning home. “I’m scared of the things I have to face, trying to get away from the environment that I was close to so that I can better myself and my family and support them.”

Her Goodwill Life Coach Wendy has helped her with those feelings, and she credits Wendy for helping her get to this point. “She has helped me a lot, overcoming my nervousness.  I’m just nervous about going out there and taking full responsibility again.  I need to not just worry about myself. I need to be able to get my job and take care of myself and my family. She’s going to be right there to help me.”

Jacqelynn plans to continue her education in college. Her family is one reason she wants to pursue a career as a home health aide. “My grandparents are sick, and I want to help them to be better.”