Meet Rachel

Goodwill Program Participant

Barely a year ago, we came here with nothing. Goodwill was there to help me succeed, no matter what…with no judgment.

In an abusive relationship, Rachel fled to Texas with her three sons, their hamsters, and a few backpacks. She found help at SafePlace, who got Rachel and her children the help she needed and a place to live at a price she could afford. But, her savings would quickly run out; she needed income. SafePlace connected her with Goodwill, where her Job Coach Sarah helped her update her resume, get interview tips, and job training. Sarah worked alongside Rachel to help get leads for temporary part-time jobs so she could begin working immediately, and Rachel happily accepted. But she wanted a permanent job with full-time hours, so Sarah and Rachel continued to work together to find a great opportunity.

Sarah sent Rachel on an interview for a temporary position as a dishwasher at American Campus Communities (ACC), and Rachel got the job. It was the opportunity she needed. She poured her heart into it, had a great attitude, and was quickly promoted to a busser position. ACC was so impressed, Rachel was hired on permanently – and promoted again – all within two months.

“They gave me that opportunity—I took it, and I rocked it,” Rachel says proudly.

Rachel was very excited about her new work situation, but she wanted more. She wanted to be promoted to Lead Line Cook, ACC’s version of a chef, and she knew she couldn’t do it without training and certification. She turned again to Goodwill to get her Food Handlers and TABC Certification and, all while working full-time, dutifully studied hard and obtained the credentials! She got the promotion, and wears the “Chef Whites” to prove it!

“Barely a year ago, we came here with nothing—no hopes, lots of challenges—and I wasn’t strong enough to go it alone. Goodwill was there to help me succeed, no matter what…with no judgment. They got me where I am today. My kids are doing well, and I am doing great,” Rachel reports.

Rachel came to Goodwill during a difficult and pivotal part of her family’s life. What she gained is more than a great job that she loves and gives her joy; she’s found that she is giving back to others who also need someone to count on. Rachel serves students who have their own challenges, and depend on her not only for her cuisine, but her positive reinforcement. She’s successful because of her positive attitude, and the training and certification your donations make possible.